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Celebrate who you are and who you are becoming as you awaken to your unlimited life.

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The Live Freely Circle

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A membership community of passionate women reconnecting to their true calling and cultivating the courage it takes to create an intentional and authentic life.

“You are opening something up in me that I didn’t know I needed.  I tried fixing it other ways, with more sleep, more complaining and venting.  The circle is what’s working.  Your courses reached me through inspiration and reflection, addressing vital needs that I had ignored for so long and didn’t realize were the root of my struggles.  I’m so excited about my life right now! ” ~ Jessaca

What is the Live Freely Circle?

The Live Freely Circle is a movement of brave and inspiring women who are committed to their healing, personal growth, and awakening so they can stop living a life that isn't inline with their heart and soul.

We as women feel way too busy the majority of our lives, and that busyness and distraction vying for our attention is intensifying, leaving us exhausted, depleted and constantly feeling behind.  Between a never ending to do list and the pressure to do more and keep up, our deepest needs are being ignored. 

We're losing touch with who we are, our truest calling and feel confused on how to reclaim our lives and return to that joy, peace and freedom we're longing for.

Our struggle with too much to do yet still feeling like we aren't doing enough is keeping us from being present and deeply connected to our true purpose, to our loved ones and to the every day moments that make life so rich and meaningful.

Nonstop activity and being consumed with busy, rushing and the fast-paced race of daily life is what we must break free of to reach optimum health, wellness, abundance and contentment.

You need to feel like you can take good care of yourself, tend to your passions and feed your soul, while giving to others, don’t you think?

The Live Freely Circle is a fun, supportive, compassionate, virtual tribe and monthly membership community that helps you do just that.

When you are on the verge of making a great change or shift in your life, this is a time your soul is waking up.

Does this sound like you?

  • You're going through a transition and ready for change.  
  • You are ready to break free of the patterns that are keeping you stuck and in a state of stress and overwhelm.
  • You're ready to stop feeling disconnected, distracted and consumed by being busy.
  • You're ready to make space for your health, well-being and emotional needs.
  • You're ready to embrace a simpler, mindful life - with more inner peace, presence, joy and freedom. 
  • You're ready to feel healthy, happy and prosperous in your every day life so you can be present and available for the moments that make your life such a gift.

You know there's a better way.  You're ready for it.

You're ready to live freely.

“Wow!  I don’t know where to begin.  I have realized that almost everything on my joy list was a solitary activity.  I’m learning that it’s ok to be an introvert and it’s ok to be me.  I can spend an hour reading and the world doesn’t end and more importantly, I don’t have to feel guilty about it.  I deserve it.  (My eyes are tearing up with that epiphany.)  It’s ok to begin opening up in this amazing group without fear of judgment or ridicule.  Thank you, Shannon, our lovely leader and to all the rest of the amazing, beautiful women here.” ~Carrie

Discover Your True Self & Reconnect to Your Calling.

When you learn to listen to and trust that inner voice, you build the courage it takes to follow where it leads so you can create a life in line with your heart, dreams and gifts.  This courage is what brings you closer to living an authentic life.  

When we are overwhelmed or unhappy, we tend to look out there for answers.  To truly heal, grow and awaken, you must make space in your life to go within and discover who you are.  

In the Live Freely Circle, we practice the art of self-discovery, connection, creativity and reflection.  Through this exploration you will celebrate who you are and who you are becoming, in a safe, sacred and fun space.

Find Time, Space & Energy to Make Your Dreams Real.

The Live Freely Circle offers you mindful and powerful wisdom on how to live with more confidence and courage, so that you can carve your own path.

In the circle, you will find the focus, clarity and wisdom it takes to be who you are and the resources to take mindful action and steps to make your dreams real.

Break free of fear, stress & overwhelm.

When life gets busy and overwhelming, our self-care gets pushed to the end of the list.  In the Live Freely Circle, you’ll gain clear understanding of how to move through blocks that are keeping you from living the life you want to live and offers you the consistency and practice it takes to break habits and bust through obstacles like confusion, self-doubt and fear.

“What does the Live Freely Circle give me? It provides me a safe place to be vulnerable, to share and to seek support without fear of judgement, and to delight in our collective journeys. Shannon inspires our path toward creativity and authenticity through lessons, journal prompts, and guided meditations. Being in the circle is a virtual joining of arms from around the globe, lifting you up and encouraging you in sad times and rejoicing in your happy times. Soul care at its best!” ~Denise

Meet Your Guide & Founder, 

Shannon Kinney-Düh

Hello and welcome!  

I'm so happy you are interested in joining the Live Freely Circle.  It truly has been a life-changing gift in my life and to so many women from around the world.  Let me share a little more about myself.

I am a holistic life and spiritual coach, yoga teacher, podcaster and mom to 3 boys. I live in Kansas City in an small, charming lake community surrounded by trees.

I love watching women bust through fear so they can live a life more inline and in harmony to their dreams and share their gifts with their families, their community and the world!

That's why I've worked hard over the last 15 years as a life coach and yoga teacher to create the very best soul care and self-discovery courses, programs, retreats and online membership, so women can reconnect, recharge and rediscover what truly matters to them so they can carve a life that gives them the freedom they desire.

My goal for the Live Freely Circle is that it will continue to offer a safe, supportive, encouraging and empowering place for women like you to soar and feel healthy, happy and excited about your life.  It's time for you to awaken to your own inner wisdom and feel empowered about the direction of your life. 

Want to learn more about my story and what's led me here?  Visit HERE.

You are enough.

You belong here.  You matter.  

You are whole and beautiful just as you are.

"Thank you, Shannon.  Your teaching is nothing short of AMAZING.  I so needed to hear everything that you had to share.  I took pages of colorful notes in my journal to go back to.  I am feeling revved up and empowered, yet still trying to build up my courage as I am in the midst of a very complicated crossroads." 


As a member of the circle, 

you'll learn how to:

  • find a new personal, work and family life balance.
  • create consistent, daily self and soul care rituals so you feel healthier and more energized.
  • manage worry and anxiety so you can relax again.
  • break free of negative thought patterns.
  • listen to your body and trust your intuition.
  • cultivate supportive relationships with healthy boundaries.
  • nurture your creativity and make time for the things you're most passionate about.
  • open your heart to unlimited, abundant possibilities.
  • set goals, stay focused and take mindful action steps towards your personal goals with clarity and consistency. 
  • declutter your mind, heart and home so you can create space for the things and people most important to you.
  • discern between what's essential and what you're ready to let go of.
  • live each day with more peace, joy and freedom.

As a member of the circle, you get:

  • BIG BONUS: If you sign up by September 15th, 2018: Each new member receives one free 30 minute life coaching call with Shannon!
  • Shared Values & Conversations that Matter. The women you'll meet in this community are incredibly passionate and pretty darn amazing. We firmly believe that vulnerability is the route to authentic connections, so we've created a safe space where we can embrace imperfection and be our true selves.
  • Weekly Accountability To Make Intentional Change. We love making great life changes from the inside out. As you grow and feel more connected to your heart and soul, you will naturally be ready to take mindful action steps to create a life more in harmony with your dreams.  We support and keep you accountable as you stumble, fumble and celebrate the steps along the way.
  • Access to Shannon's signature 8-week course, Living Freely from the Inside Out. (To take on your own schedule and at your own pace.)
  • Monthly mini-courses & checklists to keep you focused. (Example of mini-courses include:  Making Space * Feeling Peace * Finding You, A Free Spirit's Guide to Meditation, 21-days of Art Journaling, From Chaos to Clarity, Creating Morning & Evening Rituals That Stick and more.)
  • Group Coaching Videos, LIVE Q&A Chats, Expert Guest Interviews. Videos are recorded so you don't have to attend LIVE.
  • Access to resource library. of past articles, coaching videos, PDF downloadable guides, audio teachings and more.
  • Journaling Prompts & Self-Discovery Tips  Journaling is a power tool for self-discovery.  You will receive access to journal prompts and inspiration to help you quiet your mind.  

  • Relaxation, Stress Reduction Techniques, Guided Meditations & Affirmations You'll receive access to guided audio meditations, breath work, simple yoga poses and affirmations. (No meditation or yoga experience is required.) 
  • Creative Inspiration & Simple Art Journaling Lessons Expressing your creativity is essential to living freely. (No art or journaling experience is required.)

  • Discount on 1:1 coaching packages (for all members anytime).
  • Other special member perks like: member-created challenges,  opportunities to receive give-aways, becoming an ambassador for the circle and more.

  • Connection to an Amazing Tribe & a True Sense of Belonging There is great power in a circle of women.  We support you when you are going through challenge.  We cheer you on when you are celebrating!  We get what you are going through. 

We are here with you.

You belong here.  

We are in this together.  And we have a lot of fun, too! You will make amazing new friendships with women from all walks of life.

Your life's journey is personal, but you don't have to walk it alone.

This is the tribe you've been looking for.  We're saving you a spot.

Month-to-Month Membership - $37.99 per month.

Annual Membership - $399.99 per year ($57 savings).

Try our free 7-day trial.


We are so excited to meet you!

Want to learn more about Shannon and her services?  

Visit A Free Spirit Life to learn more.

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